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Mini - Presentation in Sway (MINI-06)
Office 365 (EN)
Mini Courses
Mini - Presentation in Sway (MINI-06)
A short introduction to Sway
Office 365 - Navigation and Home Page (OF-EN-01)
Office 365 (EN)
Office 365 - Navigation and Home Page (OF-EN-01)
The first course you should take in Office365 - Basics!
Office 365 - OneDrive (OF-EN-02)
Office 365 (EN)
Office 365 - OneDrive (OF-EN-02)
Learn how to create and share documents, and how to organise OneDrive.
Office 365 - Mail (OF-EN-03)
Office 365 (EN)
Office 365 - Mail (OF-EN-03)
Office 365 - Onenote (OF-EN-04)
Office 365 (EN)
Office 365 - Onenote (OF-EN-04)
Learn how you can use Onenote as a teacher!
Office 365 - Onenote Class Notebook (ICT - Admin) (OF-EN-05)
Office 365 (EN)
Office 365 - Onenote Class Notebook (ICT - Admin) (OF-EN-05)
This course shows you how you can create a Onenote Class Notebook for a class group or a subject with the Class Notebook Creator. It also teaches you how to distribute tasks and pages within OneNote using the ClassNotebook Addon.
Office 365 - Forms (OF-EN-06)
Office 365 (EN)
Office 365 - Forms (OF-EN-06)
See how you can use Forms for registration and quizzes.
Office 365 - Teams (Preview) (OF-EN-07)
Office 365 (EN)
Office 365 - Teams (Preview) (OF-EN-07)
Have a first a look at Teams and watch this preview video of Teams.
Office 365 - Groups (OF-EN-08)
Office 365 (EN)
Office 365 - Groups (OF-EN-08)
Course on how you can use Groups to work together
Office 365 - Structure (ICT-Admins) (OF-EN-09)
Office 365 (EN)
Office 365 - Structure (ICT-Admins) (OF-EN-09)
This course contains some tips and tricks for ICT -admins: - Creating of OneNote Class notebooks, recommendations - Creating Groups, recommendations

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